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Spanna, 1973

Cantine Francoli - Riserva

Spanna has often been cited by wine experts as one of Italy’s greatest ageing wines. Spanna’s longevity can be attributed, at least in part, to the addition of smaller amounts of less tannic, more acidic grape varieties. Tasting notes: The nose opens up beautifully after about an hour and the wine has gorgeous ripe and sweet fruit, nice acidity, and perfectly softened tannins.

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Tokaji, 1973

Monimpex- 5 Puttonyos (Half litre)

This is a beautiful sweet wine from the worlds oldest appellation in Hungary. "Deep amber; caramelised; sweet,good, old fashioned style and flavour." M Broadbent

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Torre Qvarto, 1973

Cantine Torre Qvarto

Excellent label and good colour. This wine is from Puglia. Torre Qvarto is a 5000ha family owned estate dating back to 1418. The Torre Qvarto 1973 is made from the long lived primitive grape, a dark skinned variety related to zinfandel. The wines are tannic and bitter in their youth but over time the tannins will have mellowed leaving a smooth wine with some fruit.

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Valpolicella, 1973


The Valpolicella zone is bordered to the west by the Bardolino DOC, located along the banks of Lake Garda, which produces similar wines to basic Valpolicella using many of the same grapes. The historical "heart" of Valpolicella winemaking is in the Monti Lessini hills located northwest of the town of Verona. In 1968, the boundaries of the region were extended far eastward towards the DOC production zone of Soave and south to the plains of the northern bank of the Po river and its tributary the Adige.

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Vecchio Maniero, 1973

Marchesi di Barolo

This wine from the good 1973 vintage is made with the long lived Nebbiolo grape. this is a black-skinned red wine grape variety most famous for creating the 'tar and roses' scent of Barolo wines from Piedmont, north-western Italy. The grape's very name is evocative of its home among the misty foothills of the western Alps; the nebbia (Italian for 'fog') after which it is named frequently arrives on early October mornings, when the Nebbiolo harvest is in full swing.

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Vigorello, 1973

San Felice - Riserva

Made for the first time in 1968, Vigorello is the first example of a "Supertuscan". A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a small addition of Petit Verdot. Conditioned for 24 months in French oak barriques and about 8 months in the bottle.

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Grignolino, 1973


The Grignolino wines have a light ruby red colour, tending to orange with ageing. Have a characteristic odour, delicate in the mouth and are dry, slightly tannic, bitter pleasant, with a characteristic aftertaste.

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Vernaccia Di Oristano, 1973

Cantina Sociale Vernacia Sardegna

Vernaccia di Oristano is a white Italian wine grape variety grown on the island of Sardinia which makes a wide range of wine styles for the Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) of Vernaccia di Oristano based in the province of Oristano. This include both dry and sweet wines as well as fortified "sherry-like" wines aged in a solera. The grape has a long history on the island of Sardinia

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